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Kilpisjärven Ladut Online Shop

Description of service
From the Kilpisjärven Ladut online shop you can buy permits for trails maintained by Kilpisjärven Ladut. You must buy one permit per snowmobile. Permits are valid whenever there is snow cover. Permits can be bought for the season (1 October – 30 September), for one week or for 24 hours. Permits are delivered by email.

Maintaining the service

Kilpisjärven Ladut will attempt to inform users in advance of any changes to the service or when maintenance work being carried out. This is a 24-hour service.

Payment service provider and payment methods
Checkout Finland Oy is the online payment service provider.

Payment via online banking (Finnish bank accounts only)
The Checkout Finland Oy payment service transfers your payment to the merchant. This service is available for clients of Finnish banks. You can pay with your Nordea, Osuuspankki, Säästöpankki, POP Pankki, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Ålandsbanken or LähiTapiola bank details. Checkout Finland Oy will appear as the recipient of the payment on your bank statement.

Paying with your credit/debit card

You can use your Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Debit MasterCard to pay at our online shop. The payment will be securely processed by Nets through its SSL-protected payment form. Neither the online shop nor Checkout Finland Oy will have access to your card details, and your card details will not be stored anywhere in our database. Our online shop uses the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode verification services.
The online shop uses the Checkout payment service to process transactions made by credit/debit card. The online shop advertises goods and services and also delivers these goods to customers. The online shop is responsible for legal requirements related to the shop as well as for other requirements it sets for itself. In credit/debit card transactions, the transaction takes place between the customer and Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6). Checkout Finland Oy is responsible for any matters and complaints related to credit/debit card transactions. Checkout will appear as the payment recipient on your bank statement and will transfer the payment directly to the merchant.

Internet security in online transactions

Payments and the transfer of data related to a payment take place through the bank’s SSL-protected user interface, so none of your bank or card details will be saved on the Kilpisjärven Ladut servers.

Revoking the permit
A permit may only be revoked by an on-duty official. Revocation of a permit results in a EUR 25.00 handling fee.


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions. Customers are responsible for familiarising themselves with the terms and conditions in effect at the time of purchase before placing an order.

Kilpisjärven Ladut does not keep a personal information database.

Kilpisjärven Ladut does not pass information on to third parties, including direct marketing companies, telesales, or opinion surveys.

Terms and conditions for snowmobile drivers

    • On purchasing a permit, you agree to the following conditions:
  • You must keep your permit and trail map with you at all times. Maps can be obtained by showing your permit at Neste petrol station in Kilpisjärvi, Lapland Hotel Kilpis, Majatalo Haltinmaa, Kilpisjärvi Hiking Center, Arctic Polar Holiday Village, or Tundrea Holiday Resort. You can also download and print the map here.
  • Kilpisjärven Ladut sells snowmobile permits for the trails which it maintains.
  • The permit is only valid once it has been paid for. The permit type and its validity is shown on the permit.
  • The permit gives the bearer permission to drive on designated snowmobile trails maintained by Kilpisjärven Ladut whenever there is snow cover (see map)
  • You must keep your permit with you in addition to any particular terms and conditions related to it.
  • The bearer of the permit is responsible for any accident they or their vehicle may cause.
  • The permit will be revoked immediately if the bearer breaches these terms and conditions or does not obey existing off-road transport regulations or instructions.
  • The bearer of the permit drives a snowmobile under the terms and conditions of the permit at their own risk, and the permit must be shown on request to any patrolling authority.
  • The permit will be revoked if the bearer breaches these terms and conditions or off-road transport law.

Snowmobilers must respect the environment.
Do not waste resources, do not litter, and do not make excessive noise; always take your litter with you, and be respectful of others also enjoying the outdoors.

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For matters related to Kilpisjärven Ladut permits, please contact:
Antti Pöykkö: (+358) (0)44 5293341
Sauli Vanhapiha: (+358) (0)50 5918109
For urgent matters, we recommend contacting us by phone.