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Kilpisjärvi Nature Center

Details and pictures: Metsähallitus / Nature’s Services, https://www.luontoon.fi/kilpisjarvenluontokeskus

Kilpisjärvi is located at the foot of Saanatunturi Fell and surrounded by the great Arctic Falls. The permanent exhibition of the Kilpisjärvi Nature Center, on the outskirts of Skandie, tells about the Malla Nature Park, the Saana Nature Reserve and the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, as well as about the inhabitants of Kilpisjärvi.

Opening Hours in 2024

Visitor Centre is closed for midwinter.

Customer service by phone or e-mail Mon–Fri 10am–3pm.
5.2., 8.–9.2.,13.–14.2.

Phone: +358 206 39 7990
E-mail: kilpisjarvi(at)metsa.fi

Free admission.
Contact Address: Käsivarrentie 14145, 99490 Kilpisjärvi (Enontekiö municipality) Phone: 0206 39 7990   E-mail: kilpisjarvi@metsa.fi

When the Nature Center is closed, the keys should be picked up (and later returned).
Reservations: Kilpisjärvi customs / payment receipt for rent: Kilpisjärven Neste / payment receipt

Metsähallitus is responsible for the operations of the Nature Center.