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Details and pictures: Metsähallitus / Nature Services, https://www.luontoon.fi/kasivarsi

The routes in the Kilpisjärvi and Kalottireitti areas can be reached from different parts of the village of Kilpisjärvi. An unmarked route to Ailakkajärvi starts from Ailakkalahti.

The 5 km long Saana Nature Trail, which departs from Kilpisjärvi Hiking Center, goes around the western side of Saanatunturi over the Skirhasjohka River to the foot of the Jeahkas Mountain. From there, it returns to its starting point. Along the trail, the nature and history of the area manifest themselves.
Kilpisjärvi-Halti Trail is one section of the international Nordkalott Trail  The Nordkalott Trail, which is a total of 800 km long, starts from Kautokeino in Norway. The trail crosses over to Finland at Lake Somasjärvi, passes Kilpisjärvi and has its end points at Kvikkjokk in Sweden and at Sulitjelma in Norway. The Kilpisjärvi-Halti Trail is about 55 km long. The trail starts from Kilpisjärvi and goes towards the Käsivarri wilderness, sometimes it also goes through the Norwegian side. At Lake Pitsusjärvi, the trail parts into two branches, which lead to Lake Somasjärvi and Halti Fell.

Wilderness huts are located in Saarijärvi, Kuonjarjoki, Meekonjärvi, Pitsusjärvi, Halti and Kopmajoki. Booking reservations are available for Saarijärvi, Kuonjarjoki, Meekonjärvi, Pitsusjärvi, and Halti.

The hiking trail to the borderlands of the Three Kingdoms starts from the parking area of Malla Nature Park, 7 km north of the center of Kilpisjärvi village. It is 11 km from the car park to the borderlands of the Three Kingdoms. In the Malla Nature Park, you must not deviate from the cycle trail. Pets must always be kept on a leash.

You will find a wilderness hut in Kuohkimajärvi.

The trail to the top of Saana Fell leaves from the parking area of Malla Nature Park. The Saana cabin is located along the trail, about a kilometer from the Malla car park. Return the same route. The length of the route is 8 km, and it ends at Kota Saana.

The Tsahkaljärvi trail starts from the parking area of Kilpisjärvi Nature Center, stretches to the end of Lake Tsahkaljärvi, where Tsahkaljoki river starts, and returns from the north side of the river to Kilpisjärvi village center. The path is covered by gravel and 2.2 km long. The structures of the route are maintained by Kilpisjärven Ladut ry.

The Tsahkaljärvi - Saanajärvi - Saana route starts from Kilpisjärvi Nature Center, goes via Tsahkaljärvi to the foot of Saanatunturi Fell, and then continues for 5.7 km to the Saanajärvi hut. From Saanajärvi you can continue to the top of Saana Fell, which is about 7.5 km from Saanajärvi hut. From Saana, you can return to the Nature Center south of Saana on the Nordkalott Trail. The trail runs through the grove-like Mountain Birch forest on the foot of Saana and towards the village of Kilpisjärvi. The distance from the top of Saana back to the Nature Center via Lake Tsahkaljärvi is 11 km.

Saanajärvi hut.

Salmivaara Trail starts at Salmivaarantie, 200 meters from the main road. Along the trail, you will notice  a parking lot and a sign post.  The path to the top of Salmivaara first goes along the 500 m running track, until the Salmivaara sign points to the left to shady terrain. Turn there and follow the orange trail signs.
The trail surroundings change from brushwood to the birch trees. It crosses the snowmobile trail and the running track, and rises through the mountain birch trees to the northwest of Salmivaara. The distance to the top of Salmivaara from the beginning of the running track is about 1100 m. In some place, there is a steep ascent of 120 m.