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Rental hut
€70.00 / 3 h


Kilpisjärven Ladut ry kilpisjarvenladut@gmail.com 0505918109 Company id: 1086416-0 Merchant terms

It is nice to spend the evening baking pancakes or sausages in the rental house. Sausage sticks can be found in the house, and the use of wood from the wood storage is included in the price. There is a dry toilet in the area, please bring your own toilet paper. Please clean up after yourself and take care of your waste. The nearest public waste points are located in the village of Kilpisjärvi - in the Haltinmaa parking lot, and in the Tunturi Lapland's nature center.

Please note that it is possible to rent the house all year round, but there is no separate passageway for walkers in the winter time, and it is accessible only on skis or snowshoes. Removal of snow from the steps leading to the house and from the area in front of the entry door, should be carried out by the tenants themselves.

After booking your stay in the house, you can receive the key for the entry door on the basis of the booking confirmation at any of the following Kilpisjärvi’s locations:

Lapland Hotels Kilpis, Käsivarrentie 14206
Kilpisjärvi's Hiking Center, Käsivarrentie 14663
Tundrea, Käsivarrentie 14188.

Please check the opening hours of these properties in advance, as they are not open all year round.